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Lightweight Grapples With Heavy Weight Capacities

Rotobec’s line of Light Duty grapple loader attachments is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a lightweight grapple with heavyweight capacity. The Waste Collection & Multi-Purpose Grapples can be mounted on knuckle boom self-loaders and handle every material imaginable from mulch and tires to light construction debris.

Mini PC Bucket Jaw From RotobecMini Power Attachments For Mini Excavators

Our Mini Power Attachment Grapples are designed to fit many types of mini-excavators and are used in multiple applications including landscaping, forestry & recycling. They’re smaller in stature than our full-size power attachments (RPA), but with the great strength and durability found in all of Rotobec’s innovative designs. You can be confident your light-duty equipment will perform with heavy-duty reliability.