Used in the handling of recycling material and scrap metal. Available with closed or semi-closed and open tines for each model.


  • Strong reinforced head structure.
  • New patent pending cylinder protector.
  • The best combination of component protection and accessibility.
  • Rotobec patented RT rotators (# 7.066.076).
  • Available with 4 or 5 tines or with an integrated magnet.

Rotomax Rotation

1Rotomax Rotation

  • The rotation drive pinion is supported by bearings on both the bottom and top of the shaft. This design ensures long life in today's challenging material environments.
  • The RT series rotation is designed to accept high radial loads and axial loads, which make it ideal for the pushing and pulling in recycling applications.
  • Rotobec rotations provide high lift and torque capacities, are chosen for, and matched to the application and material handler.
  • The RT series rotations are fully sealed and come with a factory adjusted relief circuit integrated into the motor assembly.

Interlocked Head Structure

2Interlocked Head Structure

  • To ensure maximum head strength, Rotobec uses interlocking head structure plates to increase rigidity and prevent cracking.
  • Removable guards protect fittings at the cylinder barrel end and are easily removed for service.

Steel Hose Guards

3Steel Hose Guards

  • Spiral steel hose guards are used to protect the hydraulic hoses. This feature helps to prevent hose damage, helping to prevent debris from entering the hydraulic system resulting from a damaged hose.

Cylinder Hose Routing

4Cylinder Hose Routing

  • All hose routing is direct and is routed to reduce the risk of hose damage and to increase maintenance efficiency.

Upper Structure

5Upper Structure

  • Rotobec incorporates a seamless cylindrical steel head assembly with wedge reinforcements between pin points.
  • The cylindrical design provides excellent durability and ensures an ultra long service life.



  • Bolt-on heads.
  • Oversized wall barrels.
  • Sealed spiral cut bronze / aluminum bushings with seals help keep grease in and dirt / dust out.
  • High pressure capability with a wide pressure range to cover a wider range of equipment operating pressures. Rated to a maximum of 5500 psi.
  • An integrated oil passage way for the rod end, eliminates exposed hoses along the barrel and allows for a more compact cylinder.

Cylinder Guards

7Cylinder Guards

  • Guards have been improved to take advantage of a more compact cylinder design.
  • The new cylindrical cylinder guards are stronger than the previous design and the improved shape deflects material away eliminating material binding issues.
  • Mechanical stops are incorporated into guards to prevent cylinder damage and reduce the stress of opening and closing the grapple fully open to fully closed.
  • The new head guards are easily removed to facilitate maintenance.



  • Pin diameters have been increased on the jaws / tines.
  • Pins are hardened and chromed and in conjunction with spiral cut grease sealed bushings, offer a long service life.
  • Pins have a guarded pin keeper and locking device.

Jaws / Tines

9Jaws / Tines

  • Critical weld seams are recessed by 5/8" to protect against premature wear.
  • Jaw / tine wear surfaces are made of 400 Bhn, 33% more wear resistant than T1 steel.
  • The jaw / tine design ensures that critical welds are away from wear surfaces.
  • Jaw / tine tips are made of special wear resistant steel having 44% better abrasion resistance than typical AR-500 when tested per ASTM-G65B and an average of 50% better in comparative field tests.
  • The jaw / tine shape has been redesigned to prevent material accumulation on the back side of the jaw / tine. All concaved features have been removed.
  • The jaws / tines are protected against impacts on the outside of the jaws when the grapple is open. Any collision with an object on the back of the jaws when open, will result in a relief of pressure and the protection of the jaw from impact damage.