Ideal for pull-thru delimbing, Swamp logging, Hoe chucking, Shovel logging. These grapples are used throughout North America in the most demanding applications.

Pulpwood grapples are designed for handling short wood in piles at the road side or mill yard. Synchronized jaws and specially designed jaw curvature allows for excellent control over the load.

Appreciated by forestry contractors for their versatility, Rotobec's Bunching grapples excel in loading and unloading short and long wood in the forest.

The combination grapples are designed for handling short wood, logs or tree-length. They are used when a combination of wood types must be handled with one grapple.

Used to handle tree length wood, in sorting and bunching applications.

Used when handling tree-length wood to help stabilize the load. Available in live and dead formats.

Contractors in forestry, recycling, landscaping and general contracting all appreciate the versatility of Rotobec's power attachment grapples for their various configuration options.

Used in a variety of applications including the handling of waste, brush, logs and construction debris. Units are available in 12 or 24 volt. 

Ideal for use in scrap, waste, forestry, grinding, construction, demolition and utility services.

Rotobec C-Series Combination Grapples are designed to handle short wood, logs, or tree length wood. They are ideal for forestry applications that require handling of multiple types of wood.