Stabilizers with optional Bolt-on cleats Roomier and more ergonomic operator station Optional grapple saw hydraulic circuit New electric collector Optional guard on boom Heated Joystick option

    Elite Loader

    Used in various applications including waste removal, loading and unloading of logs and rail ties. Units are available with various boom lengths and come in three mounting options. Behind Cab (BC), Center Trailer (CT), and Tail Mount (TM).


    We named this loader the Rotobec ELITE because it stands in a class of its own, above all competition. It combines smoothness and precision along with high lift capacity. Its rotation movement is continuous and the loader is packed with extra features and accessories. The only thing it does not have is excess weight. It's tough but very lean; it weighs almost 20% less than its competitors.

    • The Boom
      • The standard boom has a reach of 22 feet, with other configurations also available for a reach of up to 27 feet. The ELITE telescoping boom has unique features that places it alone in its class: hose routing which eliminates tearing, double nylon pads providing smooth extension and virtually no wear and tear, electric thumb-switch control on joystick and selector valve mounted on boom.
    • The Electrical System
      • The ELITE comes standard with a well protected electric collector for true continuous rotation without twisting cumbersome wires. Two 55 Watt halogen lights are standard on the stick boom. The ELITE standard five ring collector leaves you the option of installing extra accessories such as CB radio, electric oil cooler, etc.
    • The Hydraulic System
      • The finely tuned monoblock control valves are the key to the smoothness of operation and precision of control on the ELITE. Its double gear pump makes simultaneous functions easy. The 3000 psi hydraulic system provides high lifting capacity using smaller and lighter components and reduces heat generation.
      • Quick-connect test ports are standard on each valve. The hose routing from the control was considered to minimize friction and simplify servicing. Access to valve adjustments is easy.
      • The ELITE continuous rotation uses a heavy-duty Rotobec eight port hydraulic oil manifold. The manifold spool is made of cast iron and the inside of the steel barrel is chrome plated for extended trouble-free life. The inverted mounting of the manifold brings the barrel above the slewing ring for better hose routing and maintenance. Lock valves on stabilizers are standard and located inside the column for component protection and accessibility.
    • The Swing System
      • The ELITE high swing torque is provided by an axial piston motor mounted on a double stage gear-box. The tempered steel pinion is machined directly onto the gear-box shaft to minimize play and wear. The gear-box position is adjustable to correct the play between pinion and slewing ring teeth.
    • The Operator Station
      • The ELITE operator seat is highly comfortable even for extended working hours. The joystick controls are calibrated for smoothness and precision. Their direct mounting to the valves minimizes components and wear. A rubber boot provides protection against rust. A joystick mounted thumb-switch controls the telescoping section. Two levers allow simultaneous and independent operation of stabilizers. A rocker pedal controls swing and slewing ring lubrication can be done from operator station while swinging.
    • More Stability
      • The stabilizers were moved outward 2" on each side to increase stability by 5% to 7%.
      • Lighter floor
      • The new design makes the overall loader 50 lb lighter.
    • Easier Access
      • Wide 16" ladder
      • Wider step area
      • Additional handle on loader head for 3 point stand at all times

    Stabilizers with optional Bolt-on cleats

    1Stabilizers with optional Bolt-on cleats

    • Standard with smooth pads
    • Optional cleats can be removed to avoid damaging pavement

    Roomier and more ergonomic operator station

    2Roomier and more ergonomic operator station

    • More leg room
    • Larger distance between joystick handles facilitates access to the seat

    Optional grapple saw hydraulic circuit

    3Optional grapple saw hydraulic circuit

    • Designed to run RotoCUT 404 saw
    • Combines both pumps to saw
    • Includes large capacity oil cooler
    • Clean hose routing

    New electric collector

    4New electric collector

    • Grapple saw is fully hydraulic.
    • Automatic saw return.
    • Safety interlock system with keyed control.
    • Simple on machine installation with proven components.

    Optional guard on boom

    5Optional guard on boom

    • Adds 75 lb
    • The same protector fits all boom models
    • To be ordered as an accessory

    Heated Joystick option

    6Heated Joystick option

    • Available in 12 Volts only
    • Variable Power
    • To be ordered as an accessory