Rotobec Standard Duty and Heavy Duty Clamshell Buckets are based on a four cylinder design which allows for extra closing power with minimal stress to the structure. The structure is made of high strength steel, and for cutting edges, we use abrasion resistant heat treated steel for increased durability.   It allows an exceptional resistance to impact and it sustains extended working cycles.Overlapping side cutting edges offer long-term protection against spillage. Overlapping side cutting edges offer long term protection against spillage.



Clamshell Bucket SD and HD

  • High-pressure hydraulic cylinders rated at 5 000 psi with double cushioning
  • Bolt on heads for cost effective maintenance
  • High-pressure piston seals (10 000 psi)
  • Rod leak-proof inner cylinder head seals
  • Four cylinders for higher closing power and reduced structural stress
  • Full 360° continuous rotation hydraulically powered
  • Also available in non-powered versions
  • Two models to cover machine capacities up to 100 000 lb and operation requirements for maximum life and productive time
  • Rotators fully sealed with high side-loading capabilities.
  • Oversized pins mounted on sealed bronze bushings for extended greasing intervals even in harsh environment
  • Protected pin holding system easily accessible when required
  • Pins contribute to structural integrity without adding weight
  • Pins are chromed and heat-treated
  • Dual action integrated relief valve to protect structure and cylinders against impact and pressure overload