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Bedingungen und Konditionen

  1. Grapple Requirements
    1. Must be a Rotobec Product
    2. Must not be older than 10 years
    3. Must have been operational in the past 18 months
    4. Components that have been structurally modified will not be repaired
  2. Application Process
    1. All mandatory information must be completed on the application form
    2. Images as indicated within the application must be provided at the time of application
    3. Subsequent images may be required
    4. Rotobec will have final approval as to whether or not the grapple is suitable for rebuild
  3. Freight Costs
    1. Rotobec grapples accepted into the rebuild program must be sent pre-paid to the nearest Rotobec location (Ste-Justine, QC, Littleton, NH, Carrollton, TX, Kelowna, BC)
    2. Return freight is chargeable. Return grapple shipments destined within the United States, freight charges are FOB Littleton, NH. Return grapple shipments destined within Canada, freight charges are FOB Ste-Justine, QC
    3. Customers wishing to use their own freight account or a different method of transport on the return freight are free to do so. FOB points will remain the same.
  4. Quoting Process
    1. Once the grapple has been inspected, a written detailed quote will be provided
    2. Grapple inspection labor and return freight are chargeable regardless of the decision from the customer to rebuild the grapple following the presentation of the quote
  5. Acceptance of Quote
    1. With the acceptance of the quote, the customer must provide a written PO
    2. Once the PO is received, the grapple will be scheduled for repair
    3. Once scheduled an estimated completion date will be provided
    4. Once completed the customer will be notified
    5. Return freight is chargeable as per above point 3.2, unless otherwise stated as per point 3.3
    6. The warranty included with the program is 6 months or 1000 hours, whichever occurs first, on items replaced or repaired. Refer to the rebuild warranty certificate for further details
  6. Denial of Quote
    1. Should the customer choose not to continue with the rebuild following the presentation of the quote, a written confirmation of denial must be provided
    2. The grapple at this stage will be returned in one (1) of two (2) ways as decided by the customer;
      1. Return grapple as-is, inspection labor is chargeable and return freight chargeable as stated in point 3.2
      2. Return grapple reassembled in the same working condition as received, inspection and reassembly labor is chargeable and return freight is chargeable as stated in point 3.2

Rotobec Service Department

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