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Grapple Attachments For Each Step Of The Waste Management Process

Our waste handling attachments are the perfect tools for the collection and processing of waste materials or debris. We have a tool for each step of the process, each with a specialized design to help you get the job done more efficiently than ever before.

Rotobec Waste Collection Grapple Removing Fallen Tree DebrisGrapples Easily Attach To Truck Mounted Loaders

Our Multi-Purpose and Waste Collection Grapples can be easily attached to your truck mounted knuckleboom loader, and are commonly used by municipalities for roadside pick up and storm clean up. Our waste RPA models are used on both diesel and electric material handlers, for sorting and processing at waste transfer stations. No matter what type of waste application you’re using them for, these high quality, made in-house, loader attachments will get the job done.