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Innovation at work

Rotobec is a privately owned business established in Sainte-Justine, Quebec in 1975. The name Rotobec signifies “rotators” of Quebec. The introduction of the rotating hydraulic system was an important innovation in the forestry industry. This technological leap was revolutionary in improving the efficiency of end user operations. Throughout the years, Rotobec has added several products to our line, which are commonly used in scrap recycling, waste handling, railroad maintenance and construction and bulk material handling. Today, Rotobec products are used by thousands of customers in over 30 countries around the world. We are proud to design and manufacture almost every component of our products at our production facilities in Quebec and New Hampshire. We use the most advanced technologies throughout the design and production process and believe that the result is the toughest handling equipment available.


“Rotobec designs, manufactures and markets material handling equipment, using hydraulic rotation system technology, which enables users to optimize their operations. Rotobec highly encourages employee involvement and considers that the company is a reflection of its employees’ performance.”


Through our extensive network of distributors and agents, Rotobec has experienced incredible growth and has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of grapples and material handlers.
We attribute our success to the mutually beneficial relationships that we have created with our customers. Our commitment to you is to provide the toughest handling equipment backed by the best service team in the business.


The factory in Sainte-Justine is 150,000 ft2 (14,000 m2). This facility is home to 25 state of the art CNC machines, 7 welding robots and several other highly advanced machines used in the production of our products.


Kelowna is home to a 3,000 ft2 warehouse and office space. This location was established in 1994 and is responsible for serving Western Canada and the United States.


The facility in Littleton was opened in 1986. Over the years, this location has grown into a 10,000 ft2 factory and is currently undergoing another significant upgrade of 23,000 ft2, scheduled to be completed mid 2016. In addition to the production of Rotobec products, the Littleton location serves as the main point of contact for the eastern and central United States.


This service center was opened in June 2015. This location was opened due to an increase in demand and to better serve the Southern United States.


In response to an increased demand for Rotobec products by the South American markets, We founded our Brazilian operations in 2008. Rotobec is proud to offer Brazilian manufactured products to our South American customers.