Equipment Type

Grapple attachments for every type of equipment

A variety of heavy equipment attachments are necessary to fit with the diversity of the industry. Rotobec knows that across the forestry, scrap, waste, rail, port and industrial industries, many different types of equipment are necessary to get the job done. Whether you need to work with Log Loaders, Material Handlers, Excavators, Forwarders, Self Loaders or Mini Excavators, you will need a specific attachment to be able to do your specific work. Rotobec has your back with a numerous amount of grapples available to fit your equipment and your specific needs.


Excavators are proving to be very versatile equipment, and when equipped with the right attachment, there’s no limit to what they can accomplish.


In cut-to-length forestry, Forwarders are a must-have tool and they need reliable attachments.

Log Loaders

Log loaders are an essential tool for most loggers. Rotobec grapples won’t let you down whatever the conditions you are working in.

Rotobec log loader loading a truck with a log grapple.
Material Handlers

Material handlers are an essential tool in many industrial facilities and Rotobec makes sure you have the best attachments to work with.

Material Handler
Mini Excavators

Mini Excavators are quite new in the equipment industry and they require new attachments to fit their sizes.

Self Loaders

The Self-loader is a unique tool that is very handy in a variety of different applications, especially when paired up with a Rotobec grapple.