Our Industries


Since 1975, we have been working hard to bring you the best material handling equipment. We revolutionized the forestry industry with our innovative and original rotating hydraulic system. After mastering the logging equipment, we brought our innovative designs to the scrap industry as well as waste management, the rail industry, the port industry and other industrial sectors. Throughout the years, Rotobec has proven to deliver unbeatable quality and nothing less, changing the game one grapple at a time. We have worked hard to bring our heavy equipment to you, wherever you are in the world. Today, Rotobec products are globally trusted and recognized, making Rotobec a world leader in every industry.


The forestry industry can be tough on heavy equipment attachments. That is why we built the most durable and innovative forestry equipment in the market.

Un grappin à bois Rotobec déposant un billot de bois dans une remorque en noir et blanc.

When it comes to the industrial sector, Rotobec won’t let you down with its world-renowned grapples, whatever you need to move. Elevate your game with the most reliable grapple attachments on the market.


Rotobec has distinguished itself once more, this time in the port industry to facilitate the time sensitive tasks of loading and unloading ships and barges. Whether you are moving scrap, cereals, coal or aggregates to trains, trucks, or conveyors, we have your back.


Rotobec is known as a worldwide leader in many sectors, and the rail industry is no exception. Strength and efficiency are required for reliability to meet time requirements, we have your back when it comes to moving railroad ties.

Scrap Grapple

Rotobec revolutionized the scrap industry through decades of innovation and knowledge. Our innovative designs are built for toughness and durability, and are true game changers.

Rotobec scrap grapple magnetizing a large amount of scrap material.
Waste Grapple

Rotobec has proven itself in waste management through decades of innovation to bring you world-class quality, reliability and durability, which is how we have raised the bar.

Loader with a Rotobec waste grapple in a pile of recyclable material.