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Limb Reaper

Discover a new level of agility and efficiency with the Rotobec Limb Reaper, a natural addition to our Mini PC line. These cutting-edge lightweight grapples allow you to unlock the full potential of your mini excavator operations. No longer constrained by size, these compact yet powerful tools revolutionize your workflow, maximizing productivity. Professionals in disaster reliefland clearing, and tree care are poised to benefit from this innovative product.

Rotobec’s Mini Power Attachments & Grapple Saws Set a New Benchmark

Introducing the dynamic duo of innovation from Rotobec: the Limb Reaper created by combining our Mini PC and Hultdins saw! Our mini power attachments, compact powerhouses with all the groundbreaking features of their full-size counterparts, seamlessly adapt to various mini excavators ranging from 8 to 10 tons, unleashing their might across diverse applications. Rest assured that these mini-grapples inherit the unyielding toughness and durability synonymous with Rotobec. But that’s not all – our collaboration with Hultdins brings you the unbeatable Grapple Saws. Elevate your material handling game, surpass the competition, and spend more time operating – because with Rotobec, innovation is a cut above the rest!

The Rotobec Limb Reaper, equipped with a saw, is purpose-built for handling material and efficiently cutting wood that is too large to fit through grinders. It excels in processing oversized branches, limbs, and other debris, making it an indispensable tool for professionals in disaster relief, land clearing, and tree care.

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02 Features


This attachment fits most 8-to-10-ton machines. We’ve tackled the challenge of ensuring proper flow and pressure for grapple saws. The result is an installation process that is as efficient as it is straightforward, without compromising on performance.


Recognizing the importance of stability in mini excavators, we’ve engineered an attachment that is both feature-rich and productive while maintaining the balance of the machine.


By adding a saw to your already unbeatable grapple, you will wonder how you could have ever worked without it. Operators frequently face the challenge of oversized wood when feeding grinders with a mini excavator. This often means exiting the cab to manually cut the wood, a time-consuming and unpleasant task. The Limb Reaper addresses this issue head-on, allowing operators to remain in the cab, significantly boosting productivity.


At Rotobec, innovation isn’t just a buzzword – it’s our global reputation. Crafted with a passion for excellence, our grapples boast the finest steel and top-tier components, guaranteeing you the sturdiest, most reliable products on the market. Every attachment is a masterpiece, a result of our unwavering commitment to quality. From our meticulous quality control to the heart and soul poured into every detail, we’ve engineered not just attachments, but a legacy of performance that stands above the rest. Trust us; we’ve put our heart into the metal, so you can put it to the toughest tests.


At the heart of our legacy is a commitment to innovation, and our continuous 360° rotators stand as a testament to that dedication. Unmatched in longevity, these rotators redefine durability. Picture this: easy-to-reach greasing points, a robust motor, and a fully supported pinion gear, ensuring they not only go the distance but safeguard your investment. Dive into confidence with our fully sealed, dangle-style rotators – they fearlessly navigate up to 15 feet underwater with the standard 360° rotation. Wherever you are in the world, we’re unwaveringly dedicated to delivering the most reliable rotators because, let’s be honest, why settle for anything less than the best?

03 Specs

RGS350 Motor Displacement
RGS350 Standard Bar Length
RGS350 18H Chain
Recommended Pressure
Recommended Flow
Spec Sheet
Limb Reaper
PC025R RGP-254 RGS350
10 cc 10cc
750 mm 29.5 in.
0.404 pitch 0.404 pitch
241 bars 3500 psi
95 lpm 25 gpm
621 kg 1,370 lb
0.24 m³ 0.312 yd³

04 Available Rotations

  • Rotation Innovation
  • Built to Last
  • Ease of Maintenance