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360° view

Medium Duty Orange Peel Grapples

Designed and manufactured with the same passion and attention to detail to bring you the best grapple in the industry.

Elevate your game with Rotobec Medium Duty Orange Peel Grapples.

This economical solution to scrap handling features the robust design Rotobec is known for, while incorporating speed and agility. Available in both 4 and 5-tine configurations, Rotobec Medium Duty Orange Peel Grapples help to bridge the size gap but maintain only the highest quality and durability. Don’t just handle scrap, dominate it.


02 Features

We’re called ROTO-BEC for a reason.

Rotobec has been pushing the boundaries of innovation in the world of rotator design. We are well-known for our innovation and developments with the most advanced continuous 360° rotators. Our rotators are without a doubt the longest lasting ever made. They offer cost effective maintenance due to easily accessible greasing points and motor, allowing them to go further and protect your investment. All of our rotations are fully sealed, allowing them to be fully submerged in up to 15 feet (3 meters) of water with the standard 360° rotation and a fully supported pinion gear. We are committed to delivering the most reliable rotations on the market, no matter where you are in the world.

Quality Control

Remove the risk of machine contamination. The threat of damaged cylinders and hoses is a common and costly problem that can quickly bring your entire operation to a grinding halt. In order to protect your cylinders and hoses, we have designed a cylinder that has revolutionized the scrap industry. Each Rotobec cylinder is designed, fabricated and assembled in-house to guarantee the absolute best quality. All of our Medium Duty Orange Peel Grapples come equipped with Rotobec’s own built-in-house 5,000 psi cylinders, which offer exceptional closing force and an unbeatable level of durability. Our cylinders are the largest in the industry guaranteeing a longer than average life. To ensure their safety, they are also protected by robust 3/8” steel cylinder guarding. Want less downtime and less damaged cylinders? Try Rotobec cylinders and you will not look back.

The Smallest Details Matter Most.

Rotobec is recognized worldwide for its innovation. All of our grapples are made with only the highest quality steel and components to provide you with the best and most durable products out there. Combined with our exceptional workmanship, we ensure the longevity of your attachment with our top engineered designs and meticulous quality control. We have put our heart and soul in every detail to bring you the best and highest performing scrap attachments in the industry.

03 Specs

Weight (including rotator)
Maximum Opening
Spec Sheet
Half-closed 5-tine Series
1,100 kg 2,425 lb
0.45 m3 0.59 yd³
1924 mm 76 in.
Half-closed 5-tine Series
1,173 kg 2,585 lb
0.65 m3 0.85 yd³
2238 mm 88 in.

04 Available Rotations

  • Rotation Innovation
  • Built to Last
  • Ease of Maintenance