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Join us at KWF-TAGUNG 2024!

Discover forestry innovation firsthand at KWF-TAGUNG 2024! Swing by Rotobec's booth for a taste of the latest in forest technology.

Why Visit Rotobec at KWF-TAGUNG 2024?

  • Products on Display: See for yourself our F260HD-RT142, 125CHD-RT502, F520HD-RT252 and RPA2030R43-RGP602 grapple!
  • Expert Insights: Our team will be on-site to answer your questions and discuss forestry and logging solutions for your business.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry professionals and join the conversation about the future of heavy equipment.
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Where to Find us?

  • Show Location: Bundeswehr premises, Schwarzenborn
  • Directly in Our Booth: W3-147
KWF-Tagung Map
Bunching Grapple

F260HD-RT142 and F520HD-RT252

Experience unmatched efficiency and durability with our top-of-the-line bunching grapples, expertly designed for seamless loading and unloading of short and long wood in forest environments.

Crafted with precision, our bunching grapples feature a superior design that prevents the jaws from reaching beneath ground level upon closure, eliminating debris like branches and dirt. With an innovative intersecting jaw design, rest assured, every log, regardless of size, is securely gripped for efficient handling.

Transform your forestry operations with this exceptional attachment, promising unparalleled durability and productivity. Dominate your tasks with confidence, knowing you have the best equipment at your disposal.

Bunching Grapple
Combination Grapple


Discover the Rotobec Combination Grapple, meticulously engineered with a bypassing jaw design that empowers operators to effortlessly manage single logs or entire cords of pulpwood with ease. The innovative jaw shape facilitates optimal log rolling, ensuring a seamless grip for maximum efficiency on every load.

Experience control like never before with the option for positioned rotation, providing an unmatched level of precision over both your grapple and your payload. Elevate your operations with our Combination Grapples and redefine what’s possible in forestry equipment.

Combination Grapple
RPA Rake


Experience the unparalleled capabilities of the RPA – Rake, standing tall in its own league of excellence.

Rotobec Power Attachments (RPA) are your ultimate go-to for versatility and reliability. Choose between a dangle rotation or one of Rotobec’s groundbreaking RGP positioned rotations for ultimate control. The uniquely curved jaw of the RPA makes it the perfect tool for effortlessly handling logs in hoe chucking and chipper feeding applications.

Embrace unmatched diversity with the RPA, setting it apart from any other grapple attachment on the market. Elevate your operations to new heights with the RPA – Rake grapple by your side.

RPA Rake
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