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Rotobec is proud to offer our customers a number of options for contact, including a toll-free service and technical support line at 1.855.383.3002, direct contact via email at or through the contact service option on our support page.

Whichever way you choose to contact Rotobec support, our expert technical staff will be available for all of your questions relating to installations, operation and maintenance. Please ensure to have your Rotobec model number and serial number at the time of the contact to ensure a quick and accurate response.

Rotobec Training Solutions

As a Rotobec dealer, you may find that there is a need for additional training on the Rotobec products most common with your business. At Rotobec, we believe that by providing detailed training on product installation, maintenance and repair, we are supplying you with the tools to support your customers, allow for trouble-free installations and improve efficiency with product maintenance and repair.

Training will be tailored around your specific needs and be performed onsite. Having a Rotobec attachment in your yard is recommended, to ensure hands-on experience and detailed product review. Installation support is also offered through onsite support for complex installations.

Costs associated with onsite installation support or product training will depend on each situation, the length of time required and the number of people attending training. Training dates and times are limited throughout the year but will be scheduled at the earliest possible date. Dates are subject to change.

For more information on Rotobec Training Solutions or Onsite Technical Support, please contact Rotobec Service.

Rotobec Service Department

T: 1.855.383.3002