Attachments RPA – Pulpwood

RPA – Pulpwood


The Rotobec Power Attachments (RPA) are up for anything. Each configuration is available with either a dangle rotation or one of Rotobec’s incredible RGP positioned rotations. The Pulpwood RPA is an alternative to our standard Pulpwood Grapples. It features a specialized jaw shape that allows it to handle large bunches in loading and unloading applications. The diversity of the RPA is simply unmatched by any other type of grapple available. Backed by Rotobec’s industry leading, 18 month/ 3,000 hour warranty and our world class service, the RPA is quite simply the world’s greatest power attachment.

Rotation innovation


Rotobec is famous for many things but we got our start building the world’s most advanced continuous 3600 rotators. Our RGP positioned rotators come standard with bolt-on lugging. This technology makes the installation process a breeze and allows for the attachment to be transferred easily between machines increasing the versatility of your operation.



Positioned rotators can become troublesome because of the number of channels required to simultaneously operate all of the grapple’s hydraulics. One way to achieve this is to add additional hydraulic components to your machine, but we have a far more effective, and far less expensive alternative. Our RGP rotators offer an integrated valve-on-swivel (VOS), which allows operators to have complete control over all movements of their grapple, without the need for adding additional hydraulics, even when a Grapple Saw has been added.

Quality Control


All of our Rotobec Power Attachments come equipped with Rotobec’s own built-in-house 5,000 psi cylinders. Our cylinders are the largest in the industry guaranteeing a longer than average life. To ensure their safety, they are also protected by robust 3/8” steel cylinder guarding.

Series Pulpwood Grapple RPA4570P08

Technical Data

Height (open/excluding rotation)

53 in

Weight (excluding rotation)

3,272 lb

Area (tip to tip)

8 ft2


91 in


8 in

Series Pulpwood Grapple RPA4570P10

Technical Data

Height (open/excluding rotation)

57 in

Weight (excluding rotation)

3,443 lb

Area (tip to tip)

10 ft2


100 in


9 in


All of our Rotobec Power Attachments come equipped with Rotobec’s own built-in-house 5,000 PSI CYLINDERS. Our cylinders are the largest in the industry guaranteeing a longer than average life. They are also protected by robust 3/8” steel CYLINDER GUARDING.


The RPA jaws feature a BOX STYLE STRUCTURE which provides the maximum level of strength and durability. To enhance durability further, we have incorporated an INTERLOCKING DESIGN on the head structure and the cylinder guards.


MECHANICAL STOPS have been engineered into the grapple design to protect the cylinder from over/under extension. Our RGP positioned rotations feature a FULLY SUPPORTED PINION GEAR to prevent pinion bending, which will cause significant damage to your gears. The RPA also features OVERSIZED, CHROMED AND HARDENED PINS, which will drastically extend the life of your grapple.

Quality Components

In order to guarantee the quality and reliability of your heavy equipment, we proudly manufacture and assemble every major component of our grapples in-house, right here in North America. Each component is constructed of only the best quality materials available, and is built with one purpose: To outperform and outlast the competition.


Service Made Simple

Our number one priority is your productivity. Machine downtime is a costly inconvenience and we have taken every measure to ensure that our customers experience as little of this as possible. Our expert team of service technicians are conveniently located all across North America and are dedicated to providing our customers with the best service in the business.

success stories

Nanaimo, BC
RPA4570-P08 & P10 Power Attachment Pulpwood

Rotobec RPA Pulpwood Grapple For Loaders



Customer needed a Power Attachment that had significant resistance and was strong enough for various applications.


 Rotobec’s significantly improved this line of RPA-Pulpwood, RPA4570-P08 & P10, with a new design. The main modification made was stronger fingers to improve overall resistance, used for short wood applications. The jaws still feature a box style structure and have incorporated the interlocking design on the head structure and cylinder guards.


CUSTOMER: Liebherr
PRODUCT: RPA60100P08H Power Attachment Pulpwood

rpa pulp


Customer needed a Power Attachment that would allow bunching of various size logs, without jams.


Rotobec redesigned this RPA60100 to ease bunching wood by removing the center fingers on each jaw. This modification prevents jamming of small logs, ensuring less downtime removing jammed logs from the attachment. The jaws of this RPA – Pulpwood have a Pulpwood Grapple configuration style and the inside area (tip to tip) is a perfect 8 ft2, so as to not overload the material handler. This heavy duty grapple was specifically designed to work in extreme applications.