Less Downtime and More Efficient Work Days

Rotobec’s Elite 910, Horizon 920, Optimax 950, Evolution 960, and Titan 980 Stationary Mount Loaders are built to last. Stationary Mount Loaders allow you to avoid walking your machine to and from the fueling station, which means less downtime and more efficient work days where your team can stay on task.

Rotobec Horizon 920 Loader with Waste Handling Grapple Clearing Demolition SiteReduce Environmental Impact and Operating Costs

You won’t have to worry about costly under and overweight truck loads leaving your rock quarry anymore with our precision equipment. Electric motors improve efficiency while reducing fuel costs and emissions, helping you reduce environmental impact and operating costs at the same time. Our larger knuckle boom loaders are even available with a pressurized cab option for the most extreme working environments. No matter the work, Rotobec has a stationary mount loader that will get the job done right.