Truck and Trailer Mount Loaders


Rotobec will help you move material, no matter what setup you need to work with.  Whether you’re looking for a trailer loader or truck mounted loader, Rotobec’s famous lightweight designs will allow you to haul more material, and less dead weight, raising the bar higher. Mounted in the center of a trailer, our different frame lengths and wide variety of boom configuration available will allow you to haul more payload at a time than any other setup as it is often seen in forestry. In a truck mount behind the cab, you can have more stability, and in a trash application, you can still dump your bin content.  Finally, when mounted at the tail of the truck, you have the ability to load a pop trailer as commonly seen in rail. You also have the ability to grab material on three sides of the truck. Whichever option you choose, you will level up your loader game!