Attachments PH Series Grapple

PH Series Grapple

Rotobec’s PH Pipe and Pole Handling Grapple is a safe and efficient alternative for the handling and installation of everything from utility poles to gas pipelines. This time saving specialist can handle pipe and pole as small as 7“ all the way up to an incredible 32” in diameter and has been designed to fit excavators ranging from 30,000 to 75,000 lbs. The high pressure cylinders and standard lock valve will ensure that you maintain a firm grasp, even in the event of a loss of pressure; while the replaceable urethane pads prevent any damage from occurring to the surface of the load. When it comes to pipe and pole handling there is simply no better way than with the Rotobec PH Grapple.



Damage to the surface of your load caused by traditional pipe and pole handling methods is costly and often results in unhappy customers. The replaceable urethane pads offer unbeatable protection from damage, all the while, increasing your grip on your materials.


Unstoppable cylinders


Each Rotobec cylinder is designed, fabricated and assembled in-house to guarantee the absolute best quality. The PH Series grapples come standard with our 5,000 psi (345 bar) high pressure cylinders, which offer exceptional closing force and an unbeatable level of durability.



Positioned rotators can become troublesome because of the number of channels required to simultaneously operate all of the grapple’s hydraulics. One way to achieve this is to add additional hydraulic components to your machine, but we have a far more effective, and far less expensive alternative. Our RGP rotators offer an integrated valve-on-swivel (VOS), which allows heavy equipment operators to have complete control over all movements of their grapple, without the need for adding additional hydraulics.

The king of rotators


Rotobec has 40 years of experience in manufacturing heavy-duty 360o continuous rotators. They offer cost effective maintenance due to easily accessible greasing points and components, allowing them to go further and protect your investment. We are committed to delivering the most reliable rotations on the market, no matter where in the world you are.

Series PH Pipe and Pole Grapple PH2610

Technical Data

Height (open/excluding rotation)

58 in

Weight (excluding rotation)

2,060 lb

Min Pipe Diameter

11 in

Max Pipe Diameter

25 in


36 in


These state of the art grapples offer a complete 360° ROTATION, allowing for an exceptional level of CONTROL AND MANEUVERABILITY when positioning your pipe or pole.


Handling pipe and pole can be a dangerous job. Our PH Grapples feature an INTEGRATED LOCK VALVE to ensure that you never lose control of your load, even in the event of a loss in hydraulic pressure.


The PH series of grapples are made from a HIGH TENSILE STEEL to ensure a maximum level of durability. They also feature Rotobec’s famous HIGH PRESSURE CYLINDERS which we build in house to guarantee you get nothing but the best quality product.


In order to guarantee the quality and reliability of your material handling equipment, we proudly manufacture and assemble every major component of our grapples in-house, right here in North America. Each component is constructed of only the best quality materials available, and is built with one purpose: To outperform and outlast the competition.


Our number one priority is your productivity. Machine downtime is a costly inconvenience and we have taken every measure to ensure that our customers experience as little of this as possible. Our expert team of service technicians are conveniently located all across North America and are dedicated to providing our customers with the best service in the business.

custom projects heading onlyRotobec has been designing and manufacturing material handling equipment, including attachments, rotations and loaders, for 40 years. During that time, our engineers have worked on several projects for customers with unique requirements that the competition could simply not meet. Our team worked closely with these customers to provide them with an exceptional solution to meet those needs.

If you have a requirement that is not met by our current product let us know. Rotobec is open to any custom project and we are always looking for a new challenge.